About Us

Blaser’s Physiotherapy Clinic was founded in 1955 by Hans Blaser, who developed a wide-ranging and resourceful approach to treatment through his studies in Europe and Toronto. He is well known in Kingston as the guiding force in creating an innovative Physiotherapy Department at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, and for shifting the focus there from chronic care to rehabilitation. He brought the same qualities of energy, innovation and vision to his private practice.

For years the clinic was located at the corner of Mowat Avenue and Churchill Street. It first operated only as an evening clinic but then became both a daytime and evening clinic when Hans’ sons joined his practice. Then in 1985 the clinic relocated to the Thomson Jemmett Vogelzang Insurance building on Concession Street and initially employed three full-time and two part-time physiotherapists.

In 1998 Blaser's clinic expanded at the same location and currently employs a total of nine full or part-time physiotherapists and seven support staff. We now occupy approximately 3,000 square feet. This includes 12 private treatment rooms and an exercise area with free weights, a wall pulley system, a Quinton treadmill, and a stationary bicycle.

In 2005 Blaser’s Physiotherapy Clinic was happy to announce its 50th Anniversary. We were proud to reach this milestone and to celebrate fifty years of continuously providing quality physiotherapy services to the Kingston community.

In 2006 Blaser’s expanded again by opening a second clinic in the east end of Kingston in the old Pittsburgh Township. Our East Clinic was located on C.F.B. Kingston in the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (K.M.F.R.C.) at 32 Lundy’s Lane. We shared administrative staff with the K.M.F.R.C. Health Centre. At our East Clinic we employed two physiotherapists and had four private treatment rooms and an exercise area. At this location we served members of the public, members of the military outsourced by the C.F.B. physiotherapy clinic, and military families. Unfortunately, due to space constraints on the Base, the entire Health Centre at K.M.F.R.C. was closed in 2011. We are continuing to serve the Kingston east residents at our Central location with expanded hours, free parking and a french language physiotherapist.

Today, Hans’ sons, Martin and Bernard Blaser, and the staff continue to combine effective traditional techniques with new developments in treatment and evidence-based practice. Their specializations include acupuncture, IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation), McKenzie spinal care, manual therapy and spinal manipulation. They have expertise in the treatment of chronic persistent pain, chronic non-healing wounds, problems related to breast cancer treatment, balance problems, positional vertigo, jaw joint dysfunction and facial nerve injuries.

Blaser’s staff are all registered physiotherapists (P.T.). Several are also members of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Many of the staff also have post graduate degrees, physical education degrees and extensive, ongoing sports experience.

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